Services Offered

Our extensive experience makes Paragon the ideal advisor to assist in your transaction in the following ways:


  • Discussing and aligning on goals and objectives
  • Producing marketing materials to market business and generate top dollar
  • Producing both standalone and synergistic values of the business
  • Identifying optimal strategic buyers
  • Working with suppliers to obtain necessary approvals for the transaction • Structuring and negotiating the transaction
  • Working in close partnership with outside professionals to bring deal to close (legal, tax, etc.).



  • Formulating a strategic plan and review of acquisition opportunities
  • Working with suppliers to optimally position your business to be an acquirer
  • Valuing the potential acquisition, developing pro-forma cash flows including synergy projections, sensitivity analysis, and capital structure/financing assistance
  • Working directly with financial institutions and/or individuals to obtain financing on the most acceptable terms and conditions
  • Working with suppliers to obtain all necessary approvals
  • Working in conjunction with outside professionals to bring deal to close (legal, tax, estate planning, etc.)



  • Helping identify and source appropriate legal and tax representation
  • Valuing the standalone business, assessing synergies and negotiating synergy split
  • Determining operating plan and ownership/management structure (governance, key management roles, short-term & long-term operating plan)
  • Assisting with due diligence
  • Participating in corporate structure decisions
  • Assisting in drafting legal documents


Business Valuation:

Whether desired for estate planning purposes or in preparation for a future transaction, Paragon is skilled at valuing beverage distribution businesses based on a discounted cash flow methodology. We will present to you detailed annual financial projections encompassing all the factors that impact the cash flow and ultimately the value of your business.